Metered billing is configured to automatically close invoices but pending invoices are not closed

Modified on: Thu, 19 Jan, 2023 at 6:17 PM


The merchant reported that the invoice for the month has not automatically closed.


Possible Usecase

Merchant-created subscriptions with the automatically close invoice flag as true but it still generated pending invoices are not closed automatically. 

Steps to Debug:

1.  Metered billing configured to automatically close invoices. Go to Preferences -> Enter Domain name and Choose 'Metered_billing' in the namespace. Check for the property value - 'Automatically close invoice' as given below.


Now, check the customer and subscription events one by one for subscription-level changes. For example in the below usecase, the merchant changed the subscription on 04-Nov-2022 10:53:49 AEDT at that time merchant changed the auto closure flag.


If the flag is changed, then it overrides at the subscription level. So, pending invoices were not automatically closed.

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