Issue with metered billing subscriptions renewing - steps to debug.

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Subscriptions with metered Items getting canceled on renewal with the reason as “NO CARD”

Subscriptions with metered items are not getting canceled on renewal despite having auto-collection ON and not having a card.

Possible use-cases

There are 2 scenarios in metered billing V2 where different behaviors can be observed on subscription renewal -

Scenario 1: You have a subscription with auto-collection ON and you do not have a card and line_items inside the subscription are all metered. This subscription goes for renewal and gets canceled with the reason as “NO CARD”.

Scenario 2: You have a subscription with auto-collection is ON and you do not have a card and all the line_items are metered. It goes for renewal but renewal happens and the subscription is Active.


This behavioral difference is due to Consolidated Invoicing. If Consolidated invoicing is TURNED ON in a site i.e enabled, then on renewal pending invoice is not directly generated. 

 - First unbilled charges are created 

 - The unbilled charges are invoiced manually and then the Pending invoice is generated.

When consolidated Invoicing is ON then your subscription will be active after renewal but if it is TURNED OFF then it will cancel at Renewal.

In ORDER to check the Consolidated invoices setting. Go to DB> Preference Details : Enter the Domain name and the required parameter

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