Consolidated Invoicing issue for parent customer with multiple child customers - steps to debug

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Consolidated Invoicing issue debugging from the access level

Consolidating invoices isn't working - the invoice owner is the child customer and the payment owner is the parent. 

The invoice and payment owner are set to parent but the invoice still doesn't consolidate as the system considers the invoice owners different. 


One of the possible reasons for invoices not consolidating in the account hierarchy setup could be due to the access limit of the parent. 

The factors to check are 

        - Payment Owner (example: Parent)

        - Invoice Owner(example: Child1)

        - Access level of the payment owner. If the payment owner(Parent) has access limited then the invoices might not get consolidated with other child customers' invoices. 

We need to debug this from the Access level for parent and child customers.           



Consider creating a parent customer and 3 child customers with the below access privileges. 

  • Child 1 - The invoice and Payment owner is the Parent                             
  • Child 2 - The invoice Owner Id is child 2, whereas the Payment Owner id is Parent                             
  • Child 3 - The invoice Owner Id is child 3, whereas the Payment Owner id is Parent                        

Though the Payment Owner ID is parent, as the invoice Owner ID is Child 2 and the Parent’s level of access is limited, the invoice of Child 2 will be generated separately without getting consolidated with Child1 and Parent. The same applies to Child 3 as well.     

If the Invoice Owner Id and Payment Owner id are Parent for Child 1 and the Parent’s level of access is FULL, then the invoice of child 1 will be consolidated with the Parent customer’s invoice. 


Check the hierarchies table and observe the invoice-generated events for each of the child customers. You will get to know if the invoice is separately generated or consolidated. 


Use that invoice number in the Powerdesk utility > Invoice Consolidation and you will be getting the same results as shown below.

So if you take any one of the child customer’s invoices into the Consolidated invoice field and any one of the other child customer’s invoices in Exempted invoice field, you will get the same result as the given invoices have different owner IDs and this is why this is not consolidated. 


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