How are subscription modifications handled in RevRec?

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Chargebee - Annual SaaS with Overage - Midterm Expansion

Chargebee - Annual SaaS - Midterm Contraction


When a subscription is modified in Chargebee, RevRec automatically synchronizes that change. If any prorated invoices or credit notes are created due to the modification, that also gets synchronized. 


Example: Chargebee - Annual SaaS - Midterm Contraction

This video demonstrates how to test Chargebee and Revlock working together on a simple order.

It is a 1-year subscription with auto-renewal that was invoiced and paid upfront with a contraction occurring in the middle of the contract which results in a credit note to the customer. The example leverages the Chargebee timeline functionality to make changes to the subscription and see the changes over time.

Example: Chargebee - Annual SaaS with Overage - Midterm Expansion

This video demonstrates an annual SaaS subscription with fixed units that first has an overage charge and then goes through an expansion. Finally, the example illustrates an auto-renewal at the newly expanded subscription prices.
Once set up we will see the contracts for the example customer show up in RevLock with both the original order (with the overage and expansion on it) and the subsequent renewal contract.

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