How to create a new offer in Chargebee Retention?

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How to create a new offer in Chargebee Retention?

What are the steps to create a new offer in Chargebee Retention?

What are the goals in Chargebee Retention?

What are actions in Chargebee Retention?

What are layouts in Chargebee Retention?


Offers are Chargebee Retention's secret weapon for saving customers. Offers actively deflect customers from canceling by automatically presenting the right fix, to the right audience, at the right time. Customers that accept an Offer get categorized as  Deflected and land on the  Watchlist in Reports for 30 days. 

When creating a New Offer, there are three components to configure, the Goal, Action, and Layout. Once you have made your selection for each of the three, the Offer Editor will launch and you can customize your offers accordingly. 
  • Goals: The category and type of offer presented to retain the user
  • Actions: What happens when a user selects an Offer
  • Layouts: The visual template of the Offer is presented within


Offer Goals:

The first step in selecting an Offer is determining what your goal is. At Chargebee Retention, we break offer goals down into categories and types within categories. Over the course of hundreds of offer tests, we have established six categories of offers that can be presented to a canceling user. 

  • Discount: "Claim 35% off for three months"
  • Pause: "Pause Plan for up to three months"
  • Extension: "Extend Trial for two weeks"
  • Plan Change: "Swap from 12 to 8 meals per week"
  • Support & Training: "Schedule time with an expert today"
  • Customer feedback: "Tell us where we went wrong"

Each category contains a set of Offer types that can be selected and customized to present to a canceling user. We have found that different categories will perform better for different types of businesses, but in general, you want to select a mix of offer categories to test what your customers will respond to best. 

One thing to note is the category you select and the type within it will be used in benchmarking and the Offer Performance ReportBecause of this, it is important that you do not change the offer copy to reflect a different type of offer. If you need to update the offer type, please create a new offer and select the correct category and type.  

Offer Actions:

When a user accepts an offer during the cancel flow, there are a couple of options for how this offer can be processed in your billing or subscription management system. We support four primary types of offer actions and also have webhooks as a fifth option for customers. 

Depending on which action you select, the offer editor will launch with the necessary fields and tabs to support the configuration of that action. Email offers for example will have three tabs to configure: Offer, Send, and Success, and will include an email address field that must contain a valid email address to be published. Link offers on the other hand only have a single tab and a URL field that must contain a valid URL.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting your action is that you cannot change it once the offer has been created. This is intentional because changing the way the offer is processed can have a material impact on performance. If you need to change the action, you will need to go in and create a new offer with the updated action. 

Offer Layouts:

The next step is to select the visual layout of your offer. At Chargebee Retention we have developed a set of offer layouts that give you the option to present your offer in a couple of different formats. 

We support the following Layout Options:

  • Image Card
  • Employee Card
  • Message Card One
  • Message Card Two
  • Video Modal 
  • Loss Aversion CTA Card

Each of these layouts is designed to present your offer in a slightly different visual format. Depending upon which layout you select, the Offer Editor will open with different configurations to support that layout. 

Note: Some offer layouts will have limited placement options, for example, the Loss Aversion CTA Card can only be placed in Loss Aversion slots.

Offer Editor: 

Once you have selected an offer Layout, you will be launched into the Offer Editor to configure your offer, place it in experiences, and ultimately publish it. This is the screen that will let you edit the copy on an offer, upload a new image to the offer, and configure the actions associated with it. 

Click here for more information on Editing and Placing Offers. 

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