How to configure Enrichment in Chargebee Retention?

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How to configure Enrichment in Chargebee Retention?

How to align Chargebee Billing fields in Chargebee Retention?

How to add custom fields in Chargebee Retention?


You can map the Chargebee Billing fields to Chargebee Retention by navigating to Settings > Setup > Field Mapping in Chargebee Retention


Chargebee Retention's Enrichment integration with Chargebee Billing allows you to pull in fields from your Chargebee Billing and map them to fields in Retention for use in personalization, targeting, and data segmentation. Once you have connected your Chargebee API keys, you will have fields auto-mapped into Retention. Chargebee Retention will match sessions to subscription_IDs in Chargebee Billing and pull back the relevant fields from the subscription and customer records. 

Once you have successfully connected the Chargebee integration, you will be able to select fields by field type from Chargebee Billing under Retention > Settings > Setup > Field Mapping.

You can map multiple fields as per your requirements. Mapped fields can be used to personalize the cancel page, target the cancel experience/offers, and in reporting via the customer's page.

Standard Fields Mapped from Chargebee

When you connect the Chargebee Billing to Retention, we will automatically enable Enrichment and map a set of Fields from Billing into Retention. 

The fields we pull from Chargebee are as follows:

Chargebee Retention Field Chargebee Billing Field
Organization Name Customer Company Name
Owner First Name Customer First Name
Owner Last Name Customer Last Name
Owner Email Customer Email
State Customer State
Country Customer Country
Billing ID Customer ID
Plan ID Plan Id
Plan Interval Billing Period Unit
Interval Length Billing Period
Quantity Plan Quantity
Subscription Create Date Subscription Create Date
Subscription Current Period Start Subscription Current Term Start
Subscription Current Period End Subscription Current Term End
Subscription Start Date Subscription Start Date
Subscription Trial Start Date Subscription Trial Start Date
Subscription Trial End Date Subscription Trial End Date
Subscription Unit Amount Plan Unit Price
Subscription MRR Subscription MRR
Coupon IDs Applied Coupon Ids
Coupon Codes Applied Coupon Codes
Customer Create Date Customer Create Date
Customer Type Customer Type
Plan Amount Plan Amount
Subscription Amount Subscription Amount

Example Chargebee payload

"subscription.started_at" : "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z", 
"subscription.customer.company_name" : "Chargebee",
"" : "premium_snack_pack",
"subscription.activated_at" : "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"subscription.created_at" : "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"subscription.customer.last_name" : "Chargebee",
"subscription.plan_quantity" : 1,
"subscription.plan_unit_price" : 99,
"subscription.mrr" : 99,
"subscription.billing_period_unit" : "MONTH",
"subscription.billing_period" : 1,
"subscription.customer.created_at" : "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"subscription.plan_id" : "cbdemo_prem_s_p",
"" : "",
"subscription.plan_amount" : 99000,
"subscription.customer.first_name" : "Jane", "" : "cb_janebb"
Note: If you wish to map additional fields, reach out to us at 

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