What is Chargebee Retention?

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What is Chargebee Retention? 

What are the features available in Chargebee Retention?

How can Chargebee Retention support my business?


Chargebee Retention's native integration with Chargebee Billing makes it easy for you to retain customers and revenue by reducing voluntary churn. It empowers merchants to accelerate subscription growth by deploying high-performing, personalized retention experiences, leveraging benchmarks and recommendations through a seamlessly Chargebee Billing integration. 


Chargebee Retention's native integration with Chargebee Billing makes it easy for you to retain customers and revenue by reducing voluntary churn. By connecting Chargebee Retention to Chargebee Billing, you will get access to our core billing integration features, along with a few proprietary features that are built specifically for Chargebee merchants. 

Core Billing Features:  

  • Enrichment - Map fields from the Chargebee subscription record to personalize your experiences, and build custom audiences for user-targeting purposes
  • Manage offers - Directly pause, discount, extend, and update a subscription in Chargebee based on Chargebee Subscription ID when a customer accepts a Chargebee Retention offer
  • Manage cancels - Directly cancel a subscription in Chargebee when a user completes the cancel request, which can be configured to: include all active subscriptions on a Chargebee account record, invoice users immediately for all outstanding charges, or prorate the subscription.
  • Routing Traffic to Chargebee Retention (via Customer Portal, Chargebee Retention.JS, or Retention API) - allows you to deploy Chargebee Retention Cancel Experiences to take over the subscription cancellation process with either no-code or low-code deployments.
  • Save Validation + Attribution - Time-Based Attribution this validates a Chargebee Retention save event by confirming a subscription is still valid when the save event fires, then retrieving revenue values to calculate and apply the revenue to your Chargebee Retention dashboards and reports
  • Repurchase Revenue Impact - Repurchase Revenue Impact pulls in key Repurchase Metrics from your Chargebee Billing invoices so you can fully quantify the impact of your retention integration on downstream orders. 

These use cases are core to Chargebee Retention and allow you to perform some of the key elements of your cancel flow, including:

  • Route canceling customers to a Chargebee Retention cancel page when they click on the "Cancel Subscription" link in their Customer Portal
  • Pull subscription data from Chargebee Billing into Chargebee Retention to enrich the profile of your customer for use in targeting custom audiences, personalizing the cancel experience, and segmenting data records to build richer save and churn reports
  • Process cancels and offers directly to billing, either using Chargebee Retention webhooks, pass-through URLs or by posting changes directly to the subscription via the Chargebee Retention Integration
  • Validate that your saves are still subscribed when you mark them as a save and tie revenue from your Chargebee billing system into your in-app Chargebee Retention Reports

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