How to Bulk remove/delete the shipping address?

Modified on: Tue, 6 Sep, 2022 at 12:07 PM


Is there a bulk operation we can use to remove a shipping address?


You can make use of “Update Addresses” bulk operation or API to bulk remove the shipping address

If you have more than a handful of subscription’s shipping addresses that you need to remove/delete then you can make use of the “Update Addresses” bulk operation or API to delete the shipping address

Bulk Operation:

Go to Settings -> Import and Export Data -> Choose a bulk operation -> Addresses under "Popular Operation" -> Download the sample CSV file. In the sample CSV file, please fill column 1 with subscription ID and column 2 with "shipping_address" and leave all other columns empty.

Note: Steps are similar for PC 1.0 and PC 2.0.


Pass both the subscription ID and the label as the mandatory field and don't pass any other attributes. This will remove the shipping address from the subscription.


curl  https://{domain-name} \

     -u {AP-KeyI}:\

     -d subscription_id="169lipTCDrahs8eN" \

     -d label="shipping_address" \

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