How to manage billing address of a customer?

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Add billing address for customer

Change the billing address of a customer

How to manage the billing address for online and offline customers?


A customer's billing address can be captured during the sign-up for customers with and without a card. If you've enabled billing address validation, then the billing address information needs to be provided by the customer during sign-up. You can also edit the customer's billing info if needed, using the Update Billing Info option available in the Actions panel on the Customer's page in Chargebee app. 

For merchants in the EU region who've enabled EU VAT, the taxes will be applied based on the billing country specified during sign up. So when creating subscriptions, you need to explicitly provide the billing country for the system to decide whether tax needs to be applied or not

Billing address for customers with card

The customer's billing information is linked to the customer's credit card for online subscriptions.

When a subscription is created with a card on file, the billing address captured along with the card details will be used as the customer's billing address as well. But you can edit the customer's billing info if needed, using the Update Billing Info option available in the Actions panel.

By updating the billing information for a customer, the credit card billing info will not be updated. Similarly, when you update the card's billing info while updating the card details, the customer's billing info is not automatically updated.

In a nutshell, for customers with a card, there is no need to worry about updating the customer's billing address separately.

Billing address for offline customers

Offline customers are subscribers who do not have a card on file and have an offline subscription.

For offline subscriptions, the billing information can also be collected during sign up. If you've selected the billing address fields for validation, these fields will be automatically displayed when creating the offline subscription through the Chargebee user interface.

When creating offline subscriptions using the API, you can include the additional attributes for billing_address using the customer object.

For offline subscriptions, you can update the billing information within the subscription through the web interface or through the update billing info for customer API.

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