What is Total Subscription Quantity by Plan metric in RevenueStory?

Modified on: Mon, 30 Aug, 2021 at 6:41 PM

The total quantity of plans associated with active subscriptions as of a specific period segmented by the plan.
Explanation of metric

This metric describes the total quantity of plans actively subscribed by users for a specific period. For example, subscribers to the software pay for each “seat” license they require for the software based on the chosen plan. It’s similar in theory to the fixed model, as customers typically pay a fixed amount, but the price can be prorated if new users are added after the billing period starts. Sometimes a business will reduce the cost-per-seat if a customer purchases more seats for a specific plan.

How it's measured

Quantity for each plan is calculated as the sum of quantity subscribed for each plan level component of a subscription.

For example, if a subscription has Plan A and the subscription quantity is 10, and another subscription has Plan B with a subscription quantity of 20. Then the total subscription quantity by the plan will show 10 for Plan A and 20 for Plan B.

Also, the addon level quantity is not available in this measurement as this metric only accounts for quantity by the plan.


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Using this metric you can understand which plan has the highest number of quantities subscribed. This can help you fix the correct unit price for such plans to achieve your revenue targets. A discounted unit price helps to attract new customers with high volume requirements.

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