Steps to integrate ReferralCandy with Chargebee

Modified on: Fri, 30 Apr, 2021 at 10:07 PM

There are 5 simple steps to establish integration of ReferralCandy with Chargebee 

1.  Design the campaign (reward amount for the referrer, discount for the friend who uses the referral URL, the plans for this campaign as well as the domain in which you are running this on.

2. Go to Chargebee > Settings > 3rd party integrations > Referral Candy to set up the  3rd party integration in Chargebee

  • Configure your ReferralCandy - App ID, API access ID, API secret key
  • Configure the Referral Marketing campaign you had designed
    • Referral URL
    • Referrer Reward- Referral reward type & Referral reward type
    • Friend Reward -Referral reward type (create a discount coupon) & friend reward coupon
    • Applicable plans

3. Submit the campaign

    Click Generate URL button and copy the Promotional URL generated

4. Configure the campaign in referral candy

  • Go to Edit Referral Program > Rewards > Give referred friends 20% off -> Select Promo link Optopn -> Paste the Promotional URL
  • Customize ReferralCandy's default taxonomy '20% off' to better suit your campaign
  • Configure until when this Campaign is valid and click 'Save'.

5.  Additional settings in Referral Candy

  • On the same page, click Reward Settings -> Select Store currency. Ensure the currency matches any one of the currencies configured in Chargebee.
  • You can set up the Reward to be applied after ‘x' days - Based on this configuration, Chargebee will apply the Advocate reward after the delay period is complete.
Note: Reward will be applied on Friend's 1st purchase only, Other options such as Friend's 2nd or 3rd purchase etc is not supported. Chargebee runs a check every 24hrs to retrieve the list of approved Referral rewards to be applied

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