What is the difference between Charges and Quick Charges in PC 2.0?

Modified on: Tue, 9 Mar, 2021 at 7:33 PM


I need to add a non-recurring addon from the admin console for a plan

I need to add one time charges via the admin console for my customer


In the admin console, when one navigates to the customer page or subscription page you can find 'Add charge' and 'Create Quick Charge' options. 



Charges are predefined one-time services or products that need to be purchased by a customer ie: a non-recurring addon needs to be added either to the subscription or to the customer. 

They have the option to add price points, differential pricing as well as attaching a one-time coupon to it. 

Quick Charge:

There are also situations when there are no predefined services or products but the customer needs to be charged one-time/Adhoc ie: Just a quick charge. 

Unlike 'Charge', the quick charge cannot have predefined price points or differential pricing but one-time coupons can be applied to it. 

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