Why a clone/POC site is necessary for the transition from PC 1.0 to PC 2.0 instead of using the existing test sites?

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I want to use the current test site for the PC2.0 transition

Why do I need a cloned site?


A clone/POC site is a new Chargebee test site that is created just for testing PC 2.0 features based on your requirements and current configurations.


Before we transition the live site to PC 2.0, it is important to set up a clone site with all the customers and subscription data from the live site in PC 2.0. 

Setting up a clone site will help in two ways:

  1. acts as a dry run to consolidate your inputs and migrate all your PC 1.0 Plans and Addons into the items in the PC 2.0 model

  2. the testing site to see if all the data is intact after the migration and test the business workflows

This is the standard approach taken with all the customers. This helps Chargebee to identify any nuances specific to your data/site that if at all we need to handle during the live site migration.

Following things are to be duly noted as far as this clone site is concerned
The clone/POC site will be created by Chargebee for you. 
In settings,
- Brand settings, Hosted Pages configurations, Webhooks, Email notifications (all-disabled), and Gateways will not be configured
- Integration will not be set-up

In data,
- Customer emails will be masked. (Hence, portal, etc will not work)
- Customer cards & card-related data live hosted pages will not be brought in.
- Customers with auto-collection ‘ON’ would be mapped to test cards in the Chargebee Test gateway so that renewals continue to happen.
- Events and mail logs will not be brought in. Any calculated metrics and other logs on the live site will not be brought-in.

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