Salesforce Sync Error - Matched account is already linked with another customer

Modified on: Wed, 17 Feb, 2021 at 5:04 PM


This article covers the instructions to resolve the following sync error

  • Matched account(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is already linked with another customer: 




The customer record looks up for the account in Salesforce and maps to the account when a match is found. If there are two records pointing to the same account this error occurs. 


For example, customer A had already matched with an account and it has synced successfully. Now the second customer say customer B - is also trying to map to the same account as both the matches are pointing to the same account. The mapping should be a unique customer record in Chargebee that maps to one account in Salesforce. To avoid this mapping-related issue, you can ensure that there is only one customer record in Chargebee with the same details and no duplicates. 




If you see duplicate records within Chargebee you can delete one of the duplicates or merge these two records using Chargebee merge customer bulk action. 


NoteWe recommend testing “merge records” action before performing this action on the live site.



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