How to let my customer select a different plan during reactivation from the portal?

Modified on: Wed, 7 Oct, 2020 at 9:30 AM

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My customer cannot activate a new plan. The only choice available is to activate the previously cancelled plan. 


In Chargebee, you cannot let your customers change plans at the time of reactivation as it might affect the dependencies like proration, outstanding payment and so on.

For example, the cancellation might have happened due to non-payment of invoices, no credit card or file, etc. Hence during reactivation, the unpaid invoices had to be paid before a subscription is reactivated based on the respective settings enabled. 

Therefore we do not allow a plan change request at this stage. The customer can reactivate the subscription and only then change the plan if needed. However, you can utilize Chargebee’s API to perform this action.

Refer this article to know more insights on reactivation.

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