Does Chargebee provide APIs to automatically convert the price into selected currency_code?

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Do I need to write custom code to convert the cents into USD and GBP 

Does Chargebee provide any built-in function or setting to automatically convert plan price?

Plan price conversion


In Chargebee to pass the price value in the API call, the amount must be entered in the lower currency value. Example: cents for dollars.

For example, if you want the plan price as 560 while creating a plan (with USD as the currency), you need to pass the amount in the API as 56000(in cents). If you pass the value actual as 560, the plan will be displayed as 5.60 in the front-end for your customers,

Here is an example:

curl \

-u test_IbAGypcuK92WnKq7xcPM1eDzL3Rr7COLo:\

-d id="USDfinal" \

-d name="USDfinal" \

-d price=56000\

-d currency_code="USD"\

-d pricing_model="flat_fee"\

-d period_unit="month"\

 -d period="1"

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