How to change a cancelled subscription to a non-renewing subscription?

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My customer cancelled his subscription but his prorated charges are not getting applied. What to do?

How to stop the subscription from renewing for another term?

How do I renew a subscription for 1 term?


To change a cancelled subscription to a non-renewing status you can reactivate the subscription to the billing cycles as 1 from the Subscription details page in two ways as mentioned below.

1. Edit/Change Subscription

2. Reactivate Subscription


To change the status of the scheduled cancelled subscription that is Active to Non-Renewing from the admin console, Go to Chargebee Dashboard


> Select the subscription

Change Subscription/Reactivate Subscription

> Enter the No. of Billing Cycles as 1

Note: If you make the billing cycle as 1, the term would be considered according to the plan’s frequency. For example, if the subscription has a monthly plan then it is between 17 Jul 2020 - 17 Aug 2020.

Here’s a video explaining this use case.

If you allow your customers to answer their subscriptions via the portal, you can configure your portal settings to allow cancellations at term-end. This way all your customer cancellations will be scheduled at the end of the billing cycle.

Note: If you allow your customers to cancel during the term you can choose to set up refunds to your customers under the Cancellation settings.

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