How to move a subscription from one customer to another?

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In Chargebee you can merge customers to bring all subscriptions under a specific customer record.However moving subscriptions from one customer to another is not possible.As an alternative, you can delete/ cancel the subscription from the current customer and import the subscription under a new customer. 

If you have Account Hierarchy enabled "Merge_customer" API wouldn't work. Click here to know other approach

Merge customers API

You can use the merge customers API call to merge 2 customer records. This API moves a customer's payment methods, subscriptions, invoices, credit notes, transactions, unbilled charges, orders to another customer. 


  1. Events and email logs will not be moved. 

  2. Moving virtual bank accounts from one customer to another is not supported in this API.

  3. It is not possible to move only a particular subscription to another customer record using this API 

    1. All subscription records of the customer A will be moved to customer B, along with invoices, credit notes, transactions, etc.

  4. If you are using a third-party accounting system like Xero then, the subscription will continue to get mapped under the existing customer record even after using this API.

    1. Contact support to map this subscription record to the new customer record.

Import and Delete

If you want to retain the old customer record(A) and move the particular subscription record(B) to the new customer, import the subscription record of customer B, and delete the subscription from customer A.

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