How to display additional addons on the checkout page?

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I recently created an add-on that I would like to add to my checkout process but it is not showing up. Can you please help?

Display recommended addons on the Checkout page


In Chargebee, gives you the ability to showcase the addons on the checkout page automatically when a plan is selected. You can configure these add-ons as “Mandatory” or “Recommended” at the plan level. To manage add-ons view this article.

To configure the display of optional/recommended add ons, Go to Chargebee Dashboard,


Configure Chargebee 

Checkout & Self-Serve portal 

Enable Show recommended addons in Checkout

Once this option is enabled, you can add the add-on at the plan level using the option “Set some addons as mandatory/recommended” as shown below,

Once you add the recommended addons to the plan, your checkout appears as shown below,

Check this video to replicate the above. Here's an article on how to add addons to the drop in script.

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