How can I be notified of only certain events using webhooks?

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This article helps with understanding how to be notified of only specific events using the webhook(s) configured. For example, if I want to be notified of only Subscription related events such as subscription_created, subscription_renewed, etc. among other similar events.

For every event that takes place within Chargebee, the corresponding webhook will immediately fire, irrespective of the endpoint you have configured. In order to restrict the events, you can configure your endpoint to ignore webhooks that are not of relevance. We recommend to filter webhook messages at your endpoint to control the notifications that are received. This cannot be placed within Chargebee itself.

When testing your webhooks, a specific event can be chosen for which the webhook will trigger, in order to view and verify the webhook content received at your endpoint.

A maximum of 5 endpoints can be configured per site        

Chargebee has several events that are logged and have corresponding webhooks that are triggered. The entire list of event types supported can be viewed here.

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