Prorated credits are not getting applied to imported subscriptions. What’s causing this?

Modified on: Mon, 20 Jul, 2020 at 3:40 PM

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I don’t see the option to include prorated credit. Where does it appear?


When you import the subscriptions and invoices into Chargebee, the parameter use_for_proration should be passed as True. If this is passed as False during import, there will be no option for Proration while canceling or changing the subscription. 

Info: Proration applies only to the invoices that fall within the subscription’s current term

The use_for_proration attribute enables proration for the current term invoices. Option 

true = enable

false = disable

If you have imported invoices or subscriptions with use_for_proration as false or no value, you should apply for the prorated credits manually (by calculating it at your end). 


1.This parameter is present only in Import invoices bulk operation or APIs
2. If the invoices are already imported without setting the use_for_proration as true then, you can re-import the invoice after deleting the existing one

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