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I can’t track my abandoned cart when I use the API


The abandoned cart report may not reflect data due to the following reasons,

  • Track Abandoned Carts not enabled under Checkout

  • Email not enabled under Checkout & Self-Serve Portal > Fields > Account information

  • Abandoned cart reports are populated/synchronized in intervals     

    • 12 hours in the Test site

    • 2 hours in the Live site

  • Abandoned cart data is retained for 30 days only. (Cannot be extended)

  • If tracking via API, ensure that the “checkout info” attribute is added in the Hosted page

Note: The abandoned cart feature is available only from the Scale Plan and above. 

Enable Track Abandoned Carts

To enable track abandoned carts, Go to 

> Settings, 

> Checkout and Self-Serve Portal 

> Configuration 

> Checkout 

Turn on the Track abandoned carts toggle. 

Enable “Email” in Account Information under Checkout & Self-Serve Portal

The abandoned cart works only if the email address in the account information field is populated. You can enable the email field in the Account information section under,

> Settings 

> Configure Chargebee 

> Checkout & self-serve portal

> Account information

> Enable Email

If this is an existing customer record we recommend marking the email field as “Read-Only”(as email field is unique to each customer) so that it auto-populates when the customer checkouts, removing the need to enter the email again and avoid any misspelling.

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