My abandoned cart report doesn’t show any data. Why?

Modified on: Mon, 5 Jun, 2023 at 1:34 PM

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I can’t track my abandoned cart when I use the API


The abandoned cart report may not reflect data due to the following reasons,

  • Track Abandoned Carts not enabled under Checkout

  • Email not enabled under Checkout & Self-Serve Portal > Fields > Account information

  • Abandoned cart reports are populated/synchronized in intervals     

    • 12 hours in the Test site

    • 2 hours in the Live site

  • Abandoned cart data is retained for 30 days only. (Cannot be extended)

  • If tracking via API, ensure that the “checkout info” attribute is added in the Hosted page

  • One-time payment checkout doesn't support abandoned card feature

Abandoned cart: This feature is currently available on selective plans. Please refer to Chargebee plans and pricing page. If you are on our previous plans then this feature is available on Scale and above plans.

Enable Track Abandoned Carts

To enable track abandoned carts, Go to 

> Settings, 

> Checkout and Self-Serve Portal 

> Configuration 

> Checkout 

Turn on the Track abandoned carts toggle. 

Enable “Email” in Account Information under Checkout & Self-Serve Portal

The abandoned cart works only if the email address in the account information field is populated. You can enable the email field in the Account information section under,

> Settings 

> Configure Chargebee 

> Checkout & self-serve portal

> Account information

> Enable Email

If this is an existing customer record we recommend marking the email field as “Read-Only”(as email field is unique to each customer) so that it auto-populates when the customer checkouts, removing the need to enter the email again and avoid any misspelling.

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