How to obtain the sales reversal report?

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Sales Reversal is the summed up amount of all invoices that are voided over a particular month.


For example, If an invoice created in June is voided in the month of July, then the sales that happened in the month of June will have its invoice amount summed up to the sales that are yet to happen in July. 

The voided invoice amount is known as the Sales Reversal and is carried forward to the month of July. This also includes credit notes created over the month of June. Here, the write-off or the reason for the credit note is not specified.


The formula applied in this process is, 

Sales Reversal = Sum(Amount of invoices in status “Void” and “voided at date falls” in that month) + Sum(Amount of credit notes(with no write off) which are created over that month)


Steps to obtain Sales Reversal report:

  1. Consider both the Invoice and Credit Note reports and apply the filter as "invoices status is voided" for the specific month and save the filter. 

  2. To export the transaction and filter the summed up amount of the invoices that are voided, Go to, Settings > Import & Export Data > Export Data > Transactions > Select criteria to Export 

You can now filter the report using transaction dates by defining the date range as shown in the image below,

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