Why isn’t the promotional credits applying to my customer’s invoice?

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Do promotional credits apply to one-time charges?

When do promotional credits apply to metered-based billing?


Promotional Credits can be applied to all upcoming invoices, both “recurring” and “one-time” charges. However, there are two reasons why promotional credits do not apply to an invoice and they are

1. Meter billing invoice in Pending state - Close the invoice and apply promotional credits

2. Different Currency: Change the currency of the promotional credits respectively

If the customer already has a Payment Due/Not Paid Invoice, you cannot directly apply the promotional Credits to the existing Invoices. Hence you can either "Record payment" and Deduct the promotional credits or Void & Regenerate the invoice if it's within the term. 


 1. When you have configured usage-based billing (or) metered billing for your customers

If you would like to add promotional credits on the metered invoices, you have to close the invoice from the Pending state, which will automatically apply for credits if it's in the same currency.

In this case, the credits get applied only when the invoice gets closed.

2. When the customer charged currency differs from the currency of the promotional credits

          Change the currency of the promotional credits to match the invoice currency

For example, If an upcoming invoice that is due for a customer is in HK dollars and the promotional credits are in USD.

3. When the promotional credits are not applied to existing invoices or recent invoices. 

There are two ways to overcome these circumstances. 

i) When a customer has promotional credits, it is automatically applied whenever a new invoice is created. However, if the customer already has a Payment Due/Not Paid Invoice, you cannot directly apply the promotional Credits to the existing Invoices. 

Step 1: Use the ‘Record payment’ option on the invoice and record an Offline Payment.

Step 2: Once done, go to the Promotional Credits section on the Customer details page > Promotional Credits (on the action panel) > choose ‘Deduct Promotional Credits’ > enter an amount equivalent to the offline payment that was recorded on the Invoice.

ii)Follow these steps to deploy the promotional credits:

a) If the invoice is within the billing term

 Step 1: Void and Rengerate the existing invoice 


b) If the invoice is out of the billing term.

Step 1: Void the existing invoice and create an invoice with the same currency as that of the promotional credits 

Step 2: Record payment (offline) against the existing due invoice and deduct the same from the promotional credits

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