Can I transfer my settings between the TEST and LIVE sites?

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This article covers 

How to copy specific settings from my test site to live site?

What are the settings that can be copied from test to live sites?


This article is no longer valid. Please refer to this article to know about transfering configuration between Chargebee sites. 

Yes, this is possible. To do this,

  1. Go to, Settings > Transfer Configurations (at the bottom of the page)

  2. Swap between (test to live) or (live to test) depending on which site you need the configuration to be moved to and click on Get Started

Test to Live

  1. Select Transfer all configuration or pick specific configurations that need a transfer.

  2. Click on Proceed. A validation successful message gets displayed. (This is an irreversible action)

  3. To go ahead with the configuration change click Transfer Now

Live to Test

  1. Transferring configurations from Live to Test will erase all the setups and data pre-loaded in your test site. To allow, Click Proceed.

  2. To go ahead with the configuration change click Transfer Now

Configurations that can be copied using this option are:-

  • Essential setup (currencies and taxes)

  • Billing (billing rules, proration, etc.)

  • Revenue Recovery (dunning)

  • E-commerce (orders)

  • Customer-facing essentials

  • Customer data privacy

  • Product catalog (plans, add-ons, and coupons)

Note: These settings can be enabled only after you Go Live. To know more about transfer configurations, click here.

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