How do I control the Quantity increments on the Checkout page?

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You can control how customers increase or decrease the quantity of a Plan or Addon on the checkout page, by either setting a minimum/Maximum value of setting increments in ranges like 10, 20,30...... so on.

Please follow the steps below to modify the quantity of the dropdown box on the checkout page.

1) Enable “Customize plan/addon quantity based on meta configuration” in your Chargebee site. 

To do this, navigate to Settings >> Configure Chargebee >> Checkout and Self Serve portal >> Advanced settings >> enable the option to “Customize plan/addon quantity based on meta configuration”

 2) Using JSON, you can modify the plan/addon level metadata. This will then get reflected on the plan specific checkout page. 

Based on your requirement, modify the JSON below.

To setup quantity based increments, you can define the step, min qty, max qty.

  "quantity_meta": {

    "type": "range",

    "min": 10,

    "max": 100,

    "step": 10 


To show specific quantity on the checkout page, you can define it in an array of values. 

  "quantity_meta": {

    "type": "fixed",

    "values": [5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]



3) Add the JSON metadata to the plan/addon configuration. 

 Navigate to the specific plan/addon, and in the plan details page, you’ll find the option to add metadata. 

Add the metadata here, and you’ll see the changes reflected on the Checkout page. 

 Here's a video tutorial simulating a simple per-unit price use-case.


Refer here, to know more about customizing your plan/addon metadata.

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