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How to edit/change subscription

Chargebee’s checkout pages are available only while creating a subscription with plans. 

To modify an existing subscription with an addon, a checkout page is not required because the customer’s payment details are collected during the subscription creation, which is the purpose of a checkout. Instead, you can modify an existing subscription in the following ways:

  1. Self-Service Portal - Customers can buy addons, apply coupons and make other subscription changes through their self-service portal accounts. They can also add/modify their billing and payment details here.

  1. Via the Web Interface - Under the subscriptions tab, open the subscription to which you’d like to add the addon. Click on “Change Subscription” on the right and select the addons/coupons or make plan changes.

  1. Using APIs -Use the Update Subscription API to add addons, apply coupons and make other subscription changes. 

Note: Existing customers can subscribe to a new plan using the latest version of the checkout pages by enabling the “Allow customers to have multiple subscriptions” option. Here’s more on that.

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