Common CRC + Chargebee questions.

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How do I Sign up for Chargebee?

From your CRC account, go to My Company » Chargebee Integration » Step "B" » Complete the Sign up form. Link-

How do I integrate with Chargebee?

Follow the steps during sign up - Link for more detailed steps

How do I setup my Gateway account? is a recommended Gateway for CRC users, for more details steps use this link -

I get an Error- You do not have permission to call the Transaction Details API when trying to connect my gateway gateway account

This error message due to a setting out your account, see steps on following link , if the error still persists contact your gateway

How do I cancel my Chargebee account?

To cancel your Chargebee account go to Settings » Account Settings » Cancel Account. Chargebee's account management team will get back to you with a confirmation.

Where is my Chargebee API Key?

Your API Key will be access only during the Sign up and will need to be recorded in your CRC integration page (My Company » Chargebee Integration » API key). Once you have completed this API key will not accessible.

How do I set up, so that my customers sign up from my Website?

With CRC Integration, Chargebee's hosted pages will not be used, CRC provides a code (plugin) that can be embedded on your website.

Unable to collect payments Transactions are failing?

Please go to the invoice in question, the transaction details for the invoice will be present, click on the failed transaction, to see the reason. The reason provided here is provided by the gateway in use, you can check on the Gateway Dashboard for more information on this transaction.

What is Chargebee, why do I need it?

If you want to charge recurring payments to clients credit cards from within Credit Repair Cloud, you must have a Chargebee account. You will also need a merchant account and gateway. These parts all work together and they are all necessary if you want to grow a successful recurring revenue business. I will explain all of these parts below. Link to CRC page

My customer has changed their card. How do I update it?

The Customers new card details can be updated on the CRC Application, updating the card information on Chargebee will update the card details on CRC as CRC stores the complete card information where as Chargebee only uses an encrypted version

How do I collect an invoice where payment failed earlier?

Once the reason for failure has been corrected/updated, you can collect the invoice in Chargebee by going to Subscriptions » Invoices » Select the invoice in Question and click the Collect Now, the invoice can also be collected on CRC from under the "Invoice" tab

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