How to redirect users to a URL using the success callback?

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The Checkout Page V3 is a modal popup that can be embedded on your webpage so customers can sign up for your service without leaving your website.

After a successful checkout, the Chargebee checkout popup can be closed by the customers and continue on your website. 


If you’d like to redirect your customers to a different page after a successful checkout, here’s what you can do:

  1. Success Callback - You can listen to the success callback from the Chargebee js which is called after a sign-up is complete and redirect the customer to a different webpage.

cbInstance.setCheckoutCallbacks(function(cart) {

  // you can define custom callbacks based on cart object

  return {

    loaded: function() {

      console.log("checkout opened");


    close: function() {

      console.log("checkout closed");


    success: function(hostedPageId) {


    step: function(value) {

      // value -> which step in checkout





Here’s more on the Chargebee JS callback functions.

  1. Redirect URL - You can configure the redirect URL in the plan details page and Chargebee will redirect the customers to this URL after a successful checkout.

Note: For one-time payments checkout redirect URL configuration, refer to this link

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