How to sign in with Xero account?

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How to sync your Xero account with Chargebee?

What if I have already created invoices in Xero?

The Chargebee Xero integration automatically syncs invoices and related details to your Xero account. This reduces the manual effort spent on exporting invoices from Chargebee and importing them into Xero and increases data accuracy.

Click Here to know what details are synced to Xero from Chargebee.

If you have an existing Xero account, you can link it with Chargebee and sync data in Xero with the data in Chargebee. You can choose to sync data after a specific period.

Here’s an outline of the steps involved:

  1. Connect your Xero account under Settings » Third Party Integrations » Xero.
    Once you have selected Xero, click Connect and link your Xero organization.

  2. Ensure that you have added account information on plans and add-ons in Chargebee.

  3. Prerequisites checks -

    • Currency - The list of currencies enabled in Chargebee should be enabled in Xero.

    • Map invoices already present in Xero - if the invoices in Chargebee are already created in Xero, you’d need to map them in this step to avoid Chargebee from creating duplicates for these invoices in Xero. 

  1. Setup reconciliation for Stripe. 

  2. Configure sync rules for different types of accounts and payment types

  3. Configure Taxes

  4. Setup sync start date

Here’s the documentation for details on each of these steps.

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