How to configure webhooks for Chargebee?

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What are webhooks?

How to configure webhooks?

Unable to configure webhooks.

Webhooks helps to communicate event-related information across systems when they are triggered. You can configure webhooks in Chargebee to notify an End-point of all the events occurring in your Chargebee account. 

3rd Party applications like Zapier, utilize webhooks as triggers to initiate our actions to other linked platforms.

Webhook URLs are the receiving end (or) the server that receives the event data from Chargebee. To configure webhook URLs in Chargebee, head to Settings > Configure Chargebee > API Keys and Webhooks

If you haven't added a webhook already, click Add new webhook. You can create up to five webhooks. 

We highly recommend you to enable basic authentication to secure the data that’s being sent across. 


You can test the webhook URL by selecting an event from the drop-down and clicking on the Test URL button. The request and the response received from the URL would be shown below.


  • We highly recommend you to enable basic authentication and/or HTTPS to secure the data that’s being sent across. 
    • To use basic authentication, toggle Protect webhook URL with basic authentication and fill in the Username and Password.
  • Webhooks for all events will be triggered, the webhook listening server will need to handle the required webhooks and NULL the rest.
  • Chargebee will look for a 200 status message, else it will be treated as a failure of delivery.
  • Up to 7 retries will be rescheduled for failed webhooks, maximum up to 2 days. Click Here for the interval schedule.

When configuring webhooks, you may face the below error 

We could not configure webhooks for this payment gateway. You need to manually configure web hooks to ensure Chargebee is in sync with your gateway account which lets you perform operations like processing refunds efficiently”.

What to do when you see this error:

  1. Each payment gateway will have its own way of implementing webhooks.

  2.  The used webhook if configured through the payment gateway, ensure that the API key secret on Chargebee settings provided is that of the gateway account and not Chargebee to proceed with the verification and successfully connect Chargebee with the respective gateway.

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