The Chargebee Zaiper integration enables you to connect your Chargebee site with 300+ third-party apps. The Zapier integration platform helps you automate your workflows by integrating two or more apps through it.

Zapier uses a  "Trigger" to "Action"  mechanism, meaning there will need to be a trigger from the originating app to the action can be carried out on the receiving app, using this you can automate a few operations based on your needs with almost zero development effort.

Zapier uses Chargebee’s webhooks to setup triggers & and our APIs to carry out actions. Which will allow you to automate cross-platform actions from & to Chargebee. 

Note: You will need to be an admin level user on Chargebee to access the API & Webhook settings, needed to setup Zapier.

Below is the list of Triggers & Actions available for Chargebee on Zapier.


New Subscription

Triggered when a new subscription is created.

New Invoice

Triggered when a new invoice is generated.

New Charge

Triggered when a payment is collected successfully.

Subscription Change

Triggered when a subscription is upgraded or downgraded.

Subscription Activated

Triggered when a subscription is changed from trial to active state.

Subscription Cancelled

Triggered when a subscription is cancelled.

Failed Charge

Triggered when a customer payment fails.

Subscription Reactivated

Triggered when the subscription is moved from cancelled state to active or in_trial state.


Update Subscription

Updates a Subscription in Chargebee.

Update Customer

Updates a customer.

Create Subscription

Create a New Subscription in ChargeBee.

Record Offline Payment for an Invoice

Records an offline payment (Cash, Check, etc.) for 'payment_due' or 'not_paid' invoices. The invoice status will be marked as 'paid'.

You can read more about how to setup the Zapier integration with Chargebee -

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