How to login to Chargebee?

Modified on: Thu, 27 Dec, 2018 at 6:16 PM

Chargebee provides multiple sign-up and login options to ensure ease of access. You could sign in using Chargebee’s user ID and password option. The email address you used to sign up for Chargebee or the email address you to which you were invited to access another Chargebee account.

Alternatively, you can use the Sign In with Google option which would allow you to sign in using your Google account. If you have a company email that uses Google.

You can also enable 2-Factor/ Multi-Factor or 2-step authentication to your account to secure it better. To enable this, head to the Edit Profile section of your account(click on your account name on the bottom left of your account and click on ‘Edit Profile’).

To reset 2FA on your account please contact Chargebee support at


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