How can I setup Gift subscriptions using Checkout V3?

Modified on: Tue, 24 Mar, 2020 at 12:56 PM

This article covers:

Enabling gift subscriptions

Configuring gift plans

The Gift Subscription feature is now supported on Chargebee’s Checkout V3. 


  • On the checkout page, customers can purchase a gift subscription for someone by providing the contact details of the gift recipient with a personal message sent to them.

  • A gift notification email is sent to the recipient of the gift at the date and time chosen by the gifter.

  • A gift can be claimed by the recipient, from the gift notification email sent to them.

  • The Gift subscription is created in the “non-renewing” status and cancels automatically at the end of their term.

Enabling Gift Subscriptions

The first step in setting up a Gift subscription is to enable it under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Gift Subscriptions.

Next, configure the gift subscription settings under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self Service Portal.

Creating a Gift Plan

Now you can create a gift plan under Product Catalog > Plans > Create a New Plan > check the “This is a gift plan” checkbox as in the screenshot below.

Now this plan URL can be used to offer a gift plan on the checkout page.


  1. Gift subscriptions are only supported in the latest version of email notifications.

  2. You may prompt your gift recipients to sign-up for a regular subscription using the subscription cancellation reminder email.

  3. Gift subscriptions are only created on gift claims and are not affected by your calendar billing settings.

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