The Pause Subscription feature allows you to temporarily pause a subscription and resume it when needed. To enable the Pause Subscription option in your account, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Pause Subscription.

Next you can configure the default settings to handle the subscriptions, invoices, and charges when subscriptions are paused and resumed.

A subscription can be paused in 3 ways:

1. Via the web interface:  The Pause Subscription button is available on the subscription details page under the actions panel.

The default settings defined in Chargebee settings will be pre-loaded. You may change it if required.

2. Via API: You can use the Pause a Subscription and Resume Subscription APIs.

3. Via portal: If the portal V2 is enabled for your Chargebee site, your customers can pause a subscription from their portal account. This option is currently not available with portal V3.

Note: A subscriptions can only be paused if it is in the active state.

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