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How can I avoid generating $0 invoices in Chargebee?


You could temporarily pause a customer's subscription by changing its "next billing date" through a direct “pause” button is unavailable at the moment.

For example, if the subscription is a monthly subscription which is scheduled to renew on the 5th of May 2017, you could change the next billing date to something like 5th May 2020. This way the subscription would not renew until the specified date.

This option is available on the right panel of the subscription details page as in the screenshot below.


Alternatively, you could also override the subscription price to $0 by using the "Change subscription" operation. This way the customer would not be charged anything until you change the subscription amount back again. 


When the customers approach you to restart the paused subscription, you could “change Next Billing Date” back to the required date. If you’ve chosen the second method, you could change the overridden price back to the actual plan price.

Note: Once you change the subscription amount to $0, an invoice with a $0 amount would still be raised for each renewal. 

You can suppress these $0 invoices from being generated by enabling the "Hide Zero value line items" option. To do so, click on the gear like icon on the left-hand side panel and choose Configure Chargebee > Billing Rules and check the box in front of "Hide Zero Value Line Items"