Can I use Chargebee to charge one-off/one-time purchases?

How can a customer sign up online for a one-time charge?


Keeping in mind that Chargebee is designed specifically to manage recurring billing, one time purchases is not something we directly support.

However, using a few workarounds you can have customers be billing for a limited period of time or just one time.

As Chargebee’ billing is defined by the plan frequency and amount, based on your use-case, how you implement this could vary.

As mentioned, to charge customers non-recurring charges can be achieved in many ways, we have outlined the most common and simple one, however, if you are using our API you have the flexibility to experiment your own flow.

If your requirement is where you offer a product/service that a customer can purchase just one time.


  • When creating a plan in Chargebee, you have the option to restrict the how many billing cycles/periods this plan goes through before it is automatically canceled.

  • Set the No. of billing cycle to 1, so that there is no renewal

  • Input the price you want to charge the customer, and necessary fields to be filled in when creating a plan.

Once the plan is created, the 'plan URL' can be used on your website so that customer who selects the plan will be directed to the checkout page to sign up.

The customer will be charged and the subscription will not renew.


  • Subscription will list Non-Renewing

  • If using a unit-based pricing model, the unit value will need to passed to the checkout page.

  • Since this is a one-time purchase, you can set the billing frequency to a minimum (1week)

  • This method can not be used to manage returning customers. If a returning customer uses the checkout page again, they will be listed as a separate customer in Chargebee.

Please contact Chargebee support for more information