Use/copy PayPal customer information to Chargebee

Modified on: Tue, 22 Nov, 2016 at 4:15 AM


Use PayPal account information on Checkout

Copy Customer address from PayPal


When choosing Paypal Express Checkout as a payment method, Chargebee has the option to use the information from customer's Paypal account and pre-fill the relevant hosted page fields.

The customer’s email address is also copied from Paypal (customer do have the option of editing it on the checkout page).


This option can be enabled or disabled by going to Settings > Site settings > Gateway settings > Paypal express checkout > Edit in Chargebee web interface. Below is a screenshot for the same:-


As the customer account information will not be copied, like the customer name and email(Chargebee maintains, separate fields for Account, Billing & Shipping information), you could specify the option of "Copied from billing", so the First Name, Last Name etc are pre-filled.

These settings can be configured under Settings > Hosted pages settings > Field configurations. See Screenshot below.


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