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What are the settings that can be copied between the TEST and LIVE sites?

Yes, this is possible. 

Just go to Settings >> Copy configuration (test to live) or (live to test) (at the bottom of the page), depending on which site you need the configuration to be moved to. 

Configurations that can be copied using this option are -

  • Plans
  • Add-ons
  • Coupons
  • Email Notifications (V1)
  • Email Wrappers (V1) 
  • Brand Configurations
  • Hosted Pages Settings (V2 & V3)

You will then be provided with the list of options that differ from each of the sites, eg, any new add-ons or plans you might have created from the last sync. Learn more

Note: To copy the V2 email notifications from your TEST to LIVE site, you can check the steps in this article