The Chargebee and Google Analytics integration helps in getting an insight into the conversion metrics with respect to the hosted pages like the checkout pages, thank you pages and customer portal. Refer here to know more about the integration.

Checkout V2:

The Chargebee integration with Google Analytics helps you track page-views, information related to visitors traffic and get an insight into the conversion metrics on Chargebee's Checkout & Portal V2 pages (checkout pages, thank you pages, customer portal).

Note: Since the users are redirected from your domain to Chargebee’s domain, to ensure that tracking happens across domains, you need to enable Cross Domain Tracking within Chargebee. 

Refer to this documentation for more information on integrating your Chargebee account with Google Analytics.

Checkout V3:

Chargebee’s Checkout and Self-serve portal(v3) loads within your app and there is no redirection involved. Hence it supports Google event tracking that can be used to track content independently from a web page or a screen load.  

You can track the following events related to Checkout and Self-serve portal.



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