What does MailChimp + Chargebee integration do?

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Which plans support MailChimp integration?

How does MailChimp integration work?

Supported Plans for Mailchimp Integration


MailChimp Integration: This feature is currently available on selective plans. Please refer to the plans and pricing page. If you are on our previous plans, then it is available only for the Rise, Scale, and Enterprise Plans. 

Note: MailChimp Integration is currently not compatible with PC 2.0

The Chargebee and MailChimp integration allow you to send newsletters and targeted emails campaigns to your subscribers created in Chargebee. 

The integration automatically synchronizes your subscription contacts from Chargebee to MailChimp. So, there's no need for you to manually create these contact information in MailChimp. 

To connect your MailChimp account with Chargebee, navigate to Settings > Third-Party Integrations > MailChimp and click Connect. Note that Chargebee can sync data to only one list in MailChimp. You can select the list on the integration page.


The following data will be synchronized to MailChimp:

Customer Information
- Email Address
- First Name
- Last Name

Subscription Information
- Subscription handle
- Plan Code
- Plan Name
- Subscription Created At
- Subscription Status
- In Trial Status
- Trial End Date
- Cancellation Reason


Although Chargebee syncs data to only one list in MailChimp, you can create segments in MailChimp using the data synced from Chargebee(listed above) to send different campaign emails to a different set of customers. Here’s more on this.

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