Where can I find documentation about Chargebee Zapier integration?

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What are the triggers and actions supported by Chargebee?

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Chargebee with 1,000+ apps to automate most of your workflows to directly or indirectly increase productivity. With almost No development effort.

A combination of the below Triggers & Actions will allow you to create an automation for most of your workflows.

The Zapier integration platform helps you automate your workflows by integrating two or more apps through it. 

Zapier uses a  "Trigger" to "Action"  mechanism, meaning there will need to be a trigger from the originating app for a action can be carried out on the receiving app, using this you can automate a few operations based on your needs with almost zero development effort. This integration uses Chargebee’s webhooks to setup triggers & and our APIs to carry out actions. Which will allow you to automate cross-platform actions from & to Chargebee. 

Note: You will need to be an admin level user on Chargebee to access the API & Webhook settings, needed to setup Zapier.

Supported Triggers

  • Customer Created
    Triggered when a new customer is created
  • Customer Updated
    Triggered when a customer details are updated
  • Payment Source Added
    Triggered when a payment source is added to a customer
  • Payment Source Updated
    Triggered when a payment source is updated
  • Subscription Created
    Triggered when a new subscription is created
  • Subscription Activated
    Triggered when a subscription is changed from trial to active state
  • Subscription Updated
    Triggered when a subscription is upgraded or downgraded
  • Subscription Paused
    Triggered when a subscription is paused
  • Subscription Resumed
    Triggered when a subscription is resumed from pause state
  • Subscription Cancellation Scheduled
    Triggered when a subscription is scheduled for cancellation
  • Subscription Cancelled
    Triggered when a subscription is cancelled
  • Subscription Reactivated
    Triggered when the subscription is moved from cancelled state to Active/In Trial/Non Renewing state
  • Invoice Generated
    Triggered when a new invoice is generated
  • Payment Succeeded
    Triggered when a payment is collected successfully
  • Payment Failed
    Triggered when a payment fails.
  • Card Expired
    Triggered when a credit card is expired

Supported Actions

  • Create Customer
    Creates a new customer in Chargebee
  • Update Customer
    Updates a customer in Chargebee
  • Create Subscription
    Creates a new subscription in Chargebee
  • Update Subscription
    Updates a subscription in Chargebee
  • Record Offline Payment for an Invoice
    Records an offline payment (Cash, Check, etc.) for 'Posted', 'Payment Due' or 'Not Paid' invoices. The invoice status will be marked as 'Paid'
  • Change Next Billing Date
    Updates next billing date of a subscription
  • Pause Subscription
    Pauses a subscription in Chargebee
  • Resume Subscription
    Resumes a subscription in Chargebee

Supported Searches

  • Find Customer
    Lookup an existing customer
    Search fields: customer Id, email_id, company

Read more about this feature by visiting Chargebee's Documentation Zapier's Documentation.

You can read more about how to setup the Zapier integration with Chargebee - https://www.chargebee.com/docs/zapier.html

Also, here’s the list of Triggers and Actions with the current Zapier integration - https://zapier.com/apps/chargebee/integrations/chargebee

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