There are eight triggers (events that pass information from one application to another) and three actions that are supported by Chargebee:


-New Charge: Triggered when a payment is collected successfully.

-New Subscription: Triggered when a new subscription is created.

-Subscription Change: Triggered when a subscription is upgraded or downgraded.

-Subscription Activated: Triggered when a subscription is changed from trial to active state.

-New Invoice: Triggered when a new invoice is generated.

-Subscription Cancelled: Triggered when a subscription is cancelled.

-Failed Charge: Triggered when a customer payment fails.

-Subscription Reactivated: Triggered when the subscription is moved from cancelled state to active or in_trial state.


-Update Subscription: Updates a Subscription in Chargebee.

-Record Offline Payment for an Invoice: Records an offline payment (Cash, Check, etc.) for ‘payment_due’ or ‘not_paid’ invoices. The invoice status will be marked as Paid.

-Create Subscription: Create a New Subscription in Chargebee.

Read more about these features by visiting this link.