Integrating with WorldPay

Modified on: Fri, 29 Jan, 2016 at 3:39 PM

Supported WorldPay accounts:

Chargebee supports 2 types of WorldPay accounts:

- Corporate Gateway

Business Gateway

It also requires WorldPay's XML Direct feature to be able to use your account with Chargebee. You do NOT need the recurring or FuturePay module of WorldPay.

When requesting for their XML installation (XML Direct), you need to tell them that you will be using WorldPay with Chargebee & Spreedly (Spreedly is the underlying service used by Chargebee for direct integration with WorldPay for card vaulting).

The support team of WorldPay will guide you to a list of approved open shopping carts and you could mention that WorldPay and Chargebee have common customers using this model. It has also been established that Chargebee uses Spreedly, a certified service by WorldPay.


If WorldPay requests for a proof of purchase or a copy of your invoice, please contact us at and we'll assist you with it.

Note: Your WorldPay account should only have a single merchant ID instead of 2 for recurring payments to work.


You need to make the following changes in your WorldPay merchant interface based on your account type.

Corporate WorldPay account users:

1. Go to Profile -> Payment Service and turn off "Capture Delay".

2. Set the Production Shop IP Address property to

Business Gateway account users:

Go to Profile -> Configuration Details and turn off "Capture Delay".

Once you've made the changes, you need to configure your WorldPay Merchant Code and XML Password. To do this, login to your Chargebee LIVE site, go to "Settings > Site Settings > Gateway Settings".

Known Issue: If after you've configured your WorldPay production account credentials in Chargebee and you're getting an "Invalid Credentials" error when trying to do a payment transaction, it would most likely be because of the "XML Username". If this happens, you should contact WorldPay support and request them to enable the "XML Username" as the Merchant Code, this is because Chargebee connects to WorldPay using the merchant code. Once they've done this, it should work. 

Note: We currently do NOT support 3D Secure with this gateway.

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