Feature release announcements - March 2013

List of features that have been added to Chargebee. This list will be updated as and when we release new features.

There are no features listed here?

@Mike Thanks for the comment & a little nudge. We have minor feature updates almost on a weekly basis and a major feature every 2 weeks. We should update this more often. 

EU VAT Support has been rolled out to everyone. http://www.chargebee.com/docs/tax.html 

We also released a few smaller improvements as well in the product recently: 

Transactional Email Preview

  • You can now setup your emails and preview them with data. 
  • You can also send test emails to verify the formatting. 

Test webhooks using Events

  • Developers can now test the webhooks more accurately, by firing specific events from ChargeBee.
  • Example: if you wish to test receive webhook call for "subscription changed" from ChargeBee, you can specify that and receive message in your system. 
  • This is much easier to test without spending effort on setting up test data and taking it through customer life cycle.  


  • We have introduced a transaction trends report to keep track of daily / weekly trends.

You can read more about these improvements in the blog announcement. Would love to hear more feedback on these. Thanks.


.NET Library

Our .NET library is ready now. Here's the link to it. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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