Gift a subscription - Suggest use cases specific to your business and how you would like to use the feature.

As a business owner running subscription business, how would you like the "gift" subscription feature to work? Exploring different ideas to finalize implementation details.

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I like this idea. Using the coupon code feature, if admin could create bulk numbers of codes these could then be either sold offline, gifted, donated, etc. So: choose number of codes (should be virtually unlimited amount possible) > apply discount > add prefix (a unique series identifier) > create list. These could then be copied and pasted or possibly even exported as an excel file.

We would like to see a gift feature where the gift giver could pre-pay for a subscription for a recipient. The giver would choose the subscription, enter information about the recipient, choose a start date for the gift, and then pay. There is some complexity around use cases where the recipient already has a subscription. We would want Chargebee to notify the giver that the recipient already has a subscription and ask if they would like to extend it by the term chosen in the offer. Depending on the product, the giver may also need to enter shipping information for the recipient. For the recipient to activate their account, they would need a way to receive a temporary password so that they could set a new one.

Hi Peter, 

Thank you for detailing your use-case requirements. We have passed this on to the engineering team for consideration during development. We will keep you updated on the progress. 

Prahaladh V

Customer Success | Chargebee

I'm surprised this isn't higher priority - The ability for customers to gift a subscription to a friend or family member would give businesses an opportunity for additional revenue. I guess it's sort of possible with Chargebee but an elegant solution (with ability to send invoice to the Gift Receiver at end of the gift period, asking for new credit card info, etc) would be so useful. 

Hi Paul

Our developers are currently tied up with the email notifications and hosted pages revamp. We also recently released the Calendar Billing, Consolidated Invoicing features and we weren't able to take the gift subscription management during that time. But we still have this request on our Product Roadmap and we'll be working on it.

Until then, you could maybe use the alternate solution here.

Hi Chargebee,

Is there any development on the send as gift feature in Chargebee?

Hey there

Yes, we've started developing the gift subscriptions feature and we expect it to be rolled out by the end of this year. We'll definitely keep you posted once it's out.

Hey there,

We have started supporting gift subscriptions now. Customers can gift a subscription to the recipients and they can claim it immediately or you can set a specific date for this. Here's more on this. 

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

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I really like the gift subscription but I feel like this should be available to all plans because this is useful for any sizes of business. 

Hey there,

We understand that the availability of the Gift subscriptions feature across all plans would be helpful. But since this is one of our significant and sought after features, we currently provide this for high end plans. However, I will take this as a feedback and let our team know about this.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

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