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Internationalization Hosted pages


With the new hosted pages features that could be custumized, i finally thought i could add my own labels to the fields of the hosted page. And thus have labels in my customers language. But it seems this is not possible...

How do I change the language of the hosted pages? I can provide the translations myself, but I really want them in my customers language.

Friendly regards

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Hi Erwan,

We took this up recently, and are currently beta testing multi lingual invoices and email notifications. Internationalization of hosted pages will be taken up after that. 

Hi Lisandro,

We are currently working on other features, but this is top priority for us and will be taken up after that.

Hello, Has this ever been developed?


Sorry, but we do not have a fixed ETA for this at the moment. However, we will update our forums when this is available.

That's great news! When will the next iteration be in production?

Hello Glenn,

We are working on this in the next iteration. The upcoming version will have the ability to specify the text labels in your language. This will be followed-by a full language pack capability (subsequent improvement)> 

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