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How to limit concurrent users.

Imagine if you provide a service that actually costs you money - you cant have a situation where the same account is used more than agreed on.
So how do you limit the subscription to x concurrent users at any time?

At the moment there is no limit on the number of subscriptions that can be created or on the subscription's plan quantity.

However, you can handle it at your end. If you want to restrict the plan quantity of a subscription, you can retrieve the subscription and validate it with the maximum limit. Also, you can retrieve all the subscriptions and validate with the count if you want to restrict number of subscriptions on your site.

You can validate the limit and hide the link to the hosted checkout page or your sign up form.

Seems you misunderstoodme, im talking about DRM
I check at login if user/sunscription should have access, but how can i prevent the subscription to be misused by several people at once, like few people sharing the account with many others and similar.

What method do you recommend to solve this together with chargebee?

We handle the subscription and billing logic of your customers. This includes the invoicing, charging and customer notifications using transactional emails. Handling the control of users is beyond our scope and the access management needs to be handled at your end. We can track and provide you with the subscription information and status.

can you clarify how to accomplish the above solution to restrict the number of subscriptions on my site?

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