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How do I delete a Subscription or a Customer?

When a Subscription or Customer is created in the Test or Live site, how do I delete it?

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If you want to delete subscriptions from your ChargeBee TEST site, you can always use the clear the sandbox data option. This can be done under Settings > Site Settings > Clear Sandbox Data in your ChargeBee admin console. You can clear all the data, just the subscription data or subscription data and all the product configurations.

We do not have the functionality to delete subscriptions via the user interface right now. In case you need subscriptions deleted from your ChargeBee LIVE site, send the subscription details to and we will delete them from the back end.

Out of interest, is it possible to access the "Clear the Sandbox Data" feature from the C# API? I am writing integration tests, however given that as time progresses the status of subscriptions ETC are affected it would be idea if the tests could build/populate the Subscriptions for the tests then clean up after themselves once the tests are complete. What is the best way for me to achieve this with ChargeBee?


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Hi Jeremy,

Right now, we do not support clearing sandbox data via API. Sorry about that! You could delete them through the admin console in just one clickHere's more on this. We will surely update you if we plan to release the API version in the future.

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