Feature release announcements - October 2013

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in October 2013. This list will be updated as we make new releases.

New Features:

1. Option to download invoices in PDF format.

Users can now download invoices in PDF format. Individual emails can be downloaded directly from the application and bulk invoices will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment. Click here to read more.

2. Bulk Coupon Codes 

You can now upload multiple coupon codes and associate them with an existing coupon. The coupon codes will inherit all the configurations of the main coupon code. Click here to read more.

3. Remove Card Details

You can now remove card details from a subscription through the admin console and also using the API.

4. Request for custom fields

Users can submit their request for a custom field from within the admin console. The option has been added under Settings > Request Custom Fields.

5. Hide ChargeBee Branding

You can now hide the ChargeBee brand text on your invoices and checkout pages if needed. This option is available only in your ChargeBee live site. The option is under Settings > Site Info. 

6. Return subscription details on redirect URL

Users who've integrated using the hosted checkout pages can now include merge variables to the redirect URL. When a customer  signs up successfully, the redirect URL will automatically be populated with the specified variable values. Click here to know more on this feature.

7. Remove added credits from subscriptions

You can now remove credits that are available for a subscription using the ChargeBee admin console. There is a new "Credits" tab added to the subscription details and this will list all the credits applied to the subscription. If a credit has been fully or partially applied to a subscription, it cannot be removed. 

API Enhancements:

1. Retrieve list of transactions for an invoice

You can now retrieve a list of all the transactions that are specific to an invoice.

2. Retrieve line item details in an invoice

Now when retrieving an invoice, you can get more information on the line items of the invoice.

3. Return the "Invoice" object on all subscription related actions

When an update is made to a subscription in ChargeBee, the "Invoice" object will also be returned along with the subscription details.

This helps you capture the exact invoice details when a change is made to a subscription. Details in the invoice API documentation.

Minor Updates:

1. Masked card numbers

Previously we displayed the first 6 and last 4 digits. Now we only show the last 4 digits of the card number.

2. Adding memo/description mandatory for when adding credits or charges

When adding a credit or applying a charge to a subscription, it is mandatory to include a description along with it.

3. Support for Brazilian Real

Another currency we support now is the Brazilian Real.


1. Countries without a postal code can leave the field empty

Earlier if you had enabled address requirements for postal code to  validate the card / billing address, all users would need to enter a postal code during sign up even if their country doesn't have one. Now, the postal code field is only mandatory for countries that do have one. For example, users from Ireland would not be required to provide a postal code.

New Feature: 

Create a subscription to start in the future.

To start a subscription at a 'future' date, you now have the option to set a "start date" while creating the subscription. The subscription will be in a "Future" state until the scheduled start date.

Further more, if the associated plan has trial period, then on the "start_date", the subscription will go into trial mode and become active only after the trial period is over.

When creating the subscription using the API you can use the "start_date" parameter to set the date. For users who're using the ChargeBee admin console, the subscription start date is available on the interface.

We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions on these new features. Please post them here or send us an email at support@chargebee.com.

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