Custom redirect URL in API request for hosted pages

We request hosted pages through the API to allow our users to pay for our product. This works well, but we are limited to one static return URL.

This is a problem for us during development since we are a team who all need to be able to work on our chargebee integration but hosted pages can only redirect to one of our machines. This is especially problematic when more than one developer wants to use the test payment system at the same time. That happens frequently at the moment.

We would be very happy if we could specify a custom return address with every API call that requests a hosted page. That would make development so much easier for us.



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Thank you for your inputs Oakley. We will look into this use case and come up with a suitable solution.

We have the same issue and resolved it with having a bouncer that is the target of the redirect and it gtes the hosted page from chargebee and figures out the development system based on the pass_thru_data.

I am also having this same issue. How can we give dynamic Redirect URL? is this possible in this method "Passing custom field data to the hosted pages"?

Hey Nithya

When integrating Chargebee's checkout pages using APIs, you can specify the return/redirect URL in the checkout new subscription API call. For each API call, you can pass a dynamic redirect URL.

Does this help? Let me know your thoughts.

Bala Adhethan

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